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May 11, 2022

Drinking Made Me Mean… to My Teen

Drinking Made Me Mean… to My Teen

How one parent got scared straight.

Josie had been a social drinker since high school, but over the years — and especially over COVID — that drinking became a daily habit, sometimes resulting in her consuming an entire bottle of wine by herself after work. Highly functional, by day Josie has held down an executive-level job for decades— what wasn’t going well was the ways in which her drinking was impacting her relationship with her non-drinking, high-school-aged daughter. Josie candidly shares how things devolved and why she chose to go sober. This episode includes advice from Ruby Warrington, author of Sober Curious and the self-study program, The Sober Curious Reset, on how to re-evaluate your relationship with alcohol, curb consumption or quit.



Ruby Warrington

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The Sober Curious Reset

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