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Aug. 17, 2022

My Heart Failed at 26 — And That Was Just For Starters

My Heart Failed at 26 — And That Was Just For Starters

Sometimes exhaustion isn’t just a sign that you’re pushing too hard.

When you’re a 20-something grinding it out in the nightlife and events industry in New York City, exhaustion is part of the deal. But when Sumanah Khan started feeling so unwell and fatigued that she had to go to the hospital, she wasn’t prepared for what doctors discovered: Her heart was enlarged and only working at a 5% capacity, likely the result of viral infection or some other toxic environmental exposure. Sumanah’s harrowing health crisis includes several faulty pacemakers, too many surgeries to count and an addiction to the opioid medications she was liberally given for pain. Sumanah’s healing and addiction recovery was further fueled by her passion for yoga and its ability to put us in touch with our body’s innate power and divine support. Also, don’t miss Kane’s monkeypox update at the top of the episode.






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