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Hilarious, fun and easy listening!

I discovered this podcast about a week ago and have binge listened to all the episodes since then. Interesting discussions that are a nice distraction from the heavier parts of my day.

Hilarious and helpful!

Really enjoy the host’s honest and relatable perspectives as well as the great advice And insights! Always a fun and helpful listen!

Heartfelt, hilarious, humbling

I have loved every episode so far; and I think the show does a great job balancing really meaningful stories with witty banter, life lessons and just great content. The hosts are also just so fun to listen to. Highly recommend !


I’ve never binged a podcast until discovering Messy Situations. The conversations are so vulnerable & engaging that I feel like I’m right there in the room with Michele, Kane, the guest with the mess & the Clean-Up Crew. The mix of humor, compassion & expert advice makes each “mess” feel totally relatable but absolutely manageable.

So juicy and fun!

Obsessed with this pod - it’s the perfect mix of humor and heart. As a single New Yorker, I’m taking notes from the cleanup crew! Kane and Michele are the perfect duo. 10/10

Real Talk!!!

We need these kind of conversations where we feel we are listening in on friendship group therapy, able to empathize and also learn peoples different perspectives when things go south. Thanks for the real talk!

Spark & Insightful

Great topics and thoughtful conversations in an approachable judgement-free manner.

So it’s not just me!

I appreciate the concept of this show because is a reminder that everyone deals with dumpster fires in their life. The truth is, hearing about other people’s messes makes me feel better about myself!! Ha.


M Prom unwinds your messs!! Leave on the extra “s” for extra Messs

Good Stuff! Production gets an A+!

Alex is a T-Total but this show has legs. Lol Can’t wait for the next episode! Also—do you guys intend on doing any episodes on the economy and/or reformed convicted (pleaded to) non-violent felons? Seems messy. Lol.


Such a great listen! It’s so easy to fall into the comparison trap but this makes us remember that we all have more in common than we know… we all mess up and we all need a little help sometimes. If you feel like having a laugh while learning that you aren’t alone- this podcast is for you.

Love this

So funny and entertaining. Alex is a messss.

Love a Clean Up Crew

This fresh approach to solving problems that no one wants to talk about but everyone is experiencing is very much appreciated! Thank You!